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DVD Martin Kent´s SLIPSTICK Live at The Edinburgh F. Festival 2018

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WATCH NOW at home Martin Kent´s SLIPSTICK the DVD.

DISFRUTA AHORA en casa del DVD de la Ultima Gira SLIPSTICK de Martin Kent.

  1. The Imaginary Mirror
  2. Electric Clown
  3. Lady and Tramp
  4. The Martinovas
  5. The Mona Risa
  6. Florence Foster Jenkins
  7. The Baby
  8. Vitameatavegamin
  9. The Wizard of Oz
  10. Liza Minnelli
  11. S.O.S. Titanic
  12. Cast Away
  13. Martina Turner
  14. La Lupe Fever
  15. Sisters Act
  16. Edith Piaf
  17. My Life

Martin Kent´s SLIPSTICK © recorded Live in United Kingdom at the Theatre C Venues , Edinburgh F. Festival , Scotland , agoust 2018.

Scenography Design- Puppets and Props - Ruben Minutolli (Argentina)
and Pablo Mainar (Spain)
Set and Costume Designers - Monica Muser (Argentina)
Candido Garcia (Spain)
Yeray Hernandez Talleres BYLOREN (Spain)
Theatrical Wigs and Hairdresser - Roberto Mohr Teatro Colon (Argentina)
and Jose Luis Campos LA PELU (Spain )
Theatrical Shoes -Frederick of Hollywood (USA)
y Felipe Soler (Argentina)
Voice over - Lorna Gibbs (United Kingdom)
Stage Manager -Adrian Muser
Stage and Backstage- John Mc Laughlin (Edinburgh)
and Julian Braddon (London)
Lighting and Sound Designer - Chantelle Hobbs (London)
Musical Editions - Mampuele Ortiz (Madrid)
and Adrian Muser (Arg- Spain)
Video Footage- Jose Martinez Macias (Spain)
Photography -Tony Lozano (Spain)
C Venues Artistic Direction - Hartley Kemp (London)
Associate Director Siva Zagel
General Manager Rosie Wake
Head of Production -Richard Williamson
Production Manager- Ben O'Grady
Head of External Affairs - Shira Kaliski
Associate Producer- Heather Young
Programming Associate (London) -Martha Jordan
Programming Associate (New York)-Teresa Woodall
Original Idea and General Production - Martin Kent
Direction- Adrian Muser

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