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Where were you born Martin?

I was born in Buenos Aires,Argentina the April 12, 1967, where I lived until I was 17, when I went on vacation to Ibiza with my uncles, but do not come back jejejeee. Well if I came back many times, but for very little time, since very soon my life gave a 180 º turn that I suppose were written somewhere for me.

Is Martin Kent your real name or is it artistic?

Good question!! Well ... my name is Martin Miguens Latorre, but from a very young boy my childhood idol was and is Superman, Clark Kent. As a teenager I had the privilege of meeting Frankie Kein, who for me at that age was like worshiping a God, then discovering Lindsay Kemp was also a great influence. So surrounded by Kein, Kemp and Kent, Martin Kent emerged.

Tell me how you do to change from one character to another so fast?

Jejeejeej, I will not tell you that, but I think that doing it for 32 years, night after night, from Monday to Saturday, and sometimes with four daily functions, I answer the question, and also keeping myself in shape, and calculating meticulously that each Second happens is vital not to be late to the stage after being a baby, and in seconds be an old lady. And everything without tricks since I am not an illusionist, although I admire Brachetti, who is a disciple of the great Frégoli, the creator of the transformismo.

What is your school?

Frankie Kein, unknowingly was my great mentor, but for me Kein more than transformism makes perfectionism, and in my humble opinion was, is and will be the best thing that has happened through the history of transformism. Of course Art, to a lesser extent also influenced, ofMarcel Marceu, I learned to transmit without words and is THE MASTER. Lindsay Kemp I love it, but because I love everything Asian and he is English, but like me, it is as uprooted. But I made my own way, and I inadvertently created my own style, so I do not look like anyone.

How do you create your characters?

What I am most amused is to give birth to my own characters, and enlightenment comes to me because I do not stop creating, which is sometimes a problem because my head burst jejejjje, but above all I think of comic key, I am a Clown born, although no one would say it when I am without the mask, since I severely separate the character from the person, but it is a natural process, not imposed.

Tell me an anecdote of so many years in the world?

Ufffff, I have several, and some very funny, but this time it was not like that ... living in London, one day I pick up from the airport all my clothes that came from Ibiza and I'm going by train to Charing Cross, which is the terminal station, As I had a friend who worked at the Mac Donalds, I went to pick it up, and left the box next to the register and go down to find the locker room, fifteen minutes notice that there was a bomb, imagine in those years the threat of IRA It was daily and when we went up to the terminal that is like the one of great constitution, a sepulchral silence, thousands of people standing around, the trains all stopped, the press, and of course the police, suddenly I see a robot that manipulates a box In the middle of the hall, and I realize that it's my box !!!!! You can not imagine how I started to tremble, with all the shame of the world notice that it is mine and they take me to the middle of the season, and they make me open the box !!!! Shoes, wigs, costumes, make-up, etc. etc. They almost killed me !!!! I was not taken prisoner by chance, I was 19 years old, alone in London, and all the shame of the world !!!!!! Jejejee. Unforgettable. So much so that I was banned from entering England for a few years !!! I never knew if it was because of that, or because I was illegal, or because I was Argentinian, since in those years there were no diplomatic relations between us and them. Anyway….

 And finally What is SLIPSTICK?

It is my last production, and a symbiosis between lipstick that is lipstick, for the makeup, which is very theatrical, a little kabuki and very mimo, and slapstick, which is an old English genre, which has its beginnings in the century XVII. Although in cinema the slapstick is kind the three stooges, Benny Hill, etc. And I suppose that by the rapid changes, by the nonsense of the narrative line, by my humor, and by more things that I can not define of myself, since I am unclassifiable jejeje, my public of England when talking about me, they do From the point of view of the slapstick, which I love, so that there arose a little the name SLIPSTICK, which actually today today does not mean anything, come on, another of my crazy jejejeeje.


Martin Kent's Argentina Home Library - Actor -I AM ( Sebastian Freire, Pagina 12)


The library for me is like a sacred place, my place of peace, of being with myself really, outside my artistic part, where there are no masks, where I am in communion with my books. I imagine my old age by the Mediterranean, in my dear Formentera, reading and reading.

1. Wig "man / woman". It represents the duality that I use in my show. I identify myself a bit with the idea of ​​metamorphosis that inspired me from a little while reading Kafka. In the show in Spain is a very important piece, since at the beginning of the show I want to play with the idea of ​​mystery and duality.

2. Photos. The saddest day of my life: the departure of my sister Ana Paula.

And the happiest day of my life: the arrival of Adrian. The photo is from my wedding, which was just as Ana Paula wanted to make her own (she died the day she was getting married).

3. Buddha. Since adolescence, and with many unanswered questions, I turned to Buddhism, which enlightened my life. I made an initiatory trip to India from which I returned a little more spiritual. This jade Buddha is from my family's private collection.

4. Book Jaws by Peter Benchley. One of the books that marked me since childhood and awoke my love for the cinema. Tiburon is a very important part of my show Slipstick, here in Buenos Aires: it's a parody I do to the world of cinema where the shark ends up eating Rose, from Titanic.



  (Clarín Interview) 

MARTIN KENT , Argentinean actor based in Spain, presents his vertiginous single-person "SLIPSTICK".

In the slapstick comedy, when the action begins, bodies accelerate and collide with each other with slaps, shoves, and eye pickets.

Slipstick, the one-man Martin Kent - an Argentine born in Bernal who went from teenage to Ibiza and stayed in Spain - plays with the title of the genre in which they starred The Three Stooges - admirers of yours - and the glow that comes Of his show (Slipstick slapstick mixed with lipstick): a non-stop parade of more than twenty-five characters that make Kent a kind of Falsafaz of the tables. With a tone that denounces him more Spanish than the covers, he launches to speak with Clarín with a clean face.

"It's a new show I was doing in Spain. Here I added a couple of characters, such as The Exorcist and King Kong; That is to say that they will meet with an all-new international show, "he recommends about the show that premiered last week at Margarita Xirgu and that will remain in place until at least the beginning of March.

Is this show only for Spain? No, I also did it in England and the answer surprised me. After the premiere in Buenos Aires I realized that the Argentine and the English, despite those who are believed, share a lot of humor, such as irony. I love Benny Hill and he was very successful here.

On stage you look like a treat and the show resembles street shows, do you agree? I love the pampering and I'm an admirer of Marcel Marceau, I met him and he taught me many things to do on stage. As for street people, the show has a great production, is very expensive, I do not think so.

Do the costumes do you? For all I have a team that makes them here in Argentina under my supervision, because some, like that giant vagina, are very difficult to make. 

Are you a Transformist ? No, although I disguise myself as a woman, I do not do it because, yes, everything has a meaning. Like the Mona Lisa, I baptized La Mona Risa and others.

There is also a lot of cinema.

Yes, I grew up watching a lot of movies and there are many gags dedicated to many famous films, like Titanic or The Wizard of Oz.

At times you look like a magician, you take anything from that Titanic.

- (laughs) Yes, at full speed, right? Once that Titanic was split into the middle as the real Titanic. People were dying with laughter thinking it was part of the show. But no, we had been seriously broken.

There will be only twelve functions in Buenos Aires, how does that put you? Fuck, he would tell Adrian Muser (director) in the middle of the week, who wanted to do the show again. I miss it when I do not. The last weekend I'm going to distress, but something out there to stay. And if not, it does not matter, in Spain my loyal audience awaits me to see the show there

MARTIN KENT. Entrevista ( interview) Revista GENTE. ( 08/09/2010)

"The only thing I look for is that people spend an hour in pure laughter"
Based in Spain from the age of 17, Argentine actor Martin Kent will present a humorous show of dizzying pace that feeds on the circus and transformism with the sole purpose of making people laugh. A brief tour of the life and work of this talented artist.

The life of Martin Kent is marked by a series of fortuitous events that led him to become what he is today: one of the main exponents of the slapstick, a humorous genre of great importance in Europe. A vacation in Ibiza in 1.985 served to define his vocation and his place of residence. Now, the fleeting visit to his relatives of Argentina led to the local premiere of his work Slipstick. Let's enjoy the story of this parachutist of good humor.

Tell us a little about your story.
I was born in Buenos Aires and at 17 I traveled to Ibiza. I went on vacation with my uncles, who are show people, and I liked the island so much that I decided to stay there. The theater was then just a hobby for me, was beginning drama, and at the same time studied to become aviation technician in military school.

How did you decide to devote yourself to the theater?
In Ibiza I met a person who introduced me to a group of people who did theater and I joined them. I followed little by little, and in less than a year I had a show of my own. It was my destiny, I think that if I proposed it I would not leave, it was all very naturally, and I stayed working on the island.

You practice a little known theatrical genre in Argentina called slapstick. What are their characteristics?
It is a word in English, if you look at the dictionary slapstick means buffoonery, but also exaggeration. It suggests something dizzying, very crazy. The translation of ?? slap ?? Is slapped, but as I put on make-up live, I put my Slipstick show. Mix "lip? Of lipstick with ?? slap ??.

How did you approach this genre?
To give you an idea, two great exponents of this line of theater are Benny Hill and The Three Stooges. The rhythm they handle is that which I practice. At one point I am a dancer with four legs and a few minutes later I become the Mona Lisa and all that with accompanying music. The show is a mix of caricaturism, dizzying rhythm, madness, theater, circus, transformism, all that results in Slipstick.

During the show parodies, among others, to Elvis, Freddy Mercury and Tina Turner. Why did you choose these characters?
They are artists with whom I have a lot of tuning and admiration. When caricatured I do not try to leave in ridiculous, but to go a little beyond the simple imitation. I like to contribute to these figures something more, from my point of view. Anyway now I am more avocado in inventing my own personages. For Argentina I brought some invented characters and other very famous ones that are a sure hit.

It stands out in your show the fact that you make up the stage.
Yes, at first it was among friends who came to see me when I was in the dressing room and they were fascinated. They told me: what a pity that the public can not see this ??. From there it occurred to me to share the preparations with the people. Here in Buenos Aires I have a kind of dressing room built into the stage. I stand in front of the public and make-up very fast, imagine that after four daily functions for 25 years I do it with my eyes closed.

So you wear makeup in record time.
Yes, I also asked the people of Guinnes if there was a man who did makeup without a mirror in less than four minutes and they said no, so soon I will do the test in front of the notary to be seated. I do not want to be remembered for that, the show is worth it for itself.

You currently reside in Spain, how did you decide to come and present your show to Argentina?
I went to visit my family in Buenos Aires and as I wanted to share some time with them I decided to stay and set up my show here. Everything flowed in the best way and now I am a few days before the premiere. I am nervous and excited, hopefully the local public gets my mood well. All I'm looking for is that people spend an hour in pure laughter.



I greet you with the hand, because I'm all sweaty and full of makeup," says Martin Kent, as he leaves the stage to pause the rehearsal. The Argentine actor, who from the age of 17 lives in Ibiza and takes his shows to all Europe and Asia, brings for the first time to Argentina his show, Slipstick. The work, creation of the same Kent, mixture clown, classics of the cinema and music; A mixture of homage and much humor.

This proposal was born from a selection of parts of the works that the actor has done for twenty-seven years, Most of Slipstick is made from scenes of memorable films, whose characters Kent puts his imprint and recreates them. In some cases, it unites those of fiction with other real ones, and from that symbiosis a new one is born. "I love cinema and the circus since I was little," says one who feels influenced by the seventh art. Hyperbole is one of the characteristics of Slipstick, and is evident from the make-up, costumes, and gestures. "I have a lot of German Expressionism influence, so my makeup for example," he explains.

From the German movement of the beginning of the century you are attracted to the scenery, the extreme characterizations. "I like to communicate with emotions, with looks, without words".

Between the peculiarities of Slipstick, the actor takes to scene part of the dressing room to make up before the public, without mirror. The viewer thus becomes a kind of voyeur. "I find it very interesting that the public see at the outset what is behind all this," he explains. He says that his transformism is "with a twist". "I do not disguise myself as a woman for dressing up, but there is a reason beyond," he explains. In Slipstick color and laughter abound. "It's a universal humor and I want it to be always like this, the language does not have to be a barrier," he says.

That is why, in their texts, they mix different languages ​​like Spanish, English, French and German. For ninety minutes, the actor makes about twenty-five costume changes. He also uses different wigs, all made of hemp, and a striking false eyelashes that he makes himself. Part of the scenery that will be seen in the work is the same that he uses in his presentations in Europe. In addition, it integrates multimedia elements and dolls, with which it interacts and blends as the story unfolds.

The Spectacular Slipstick   Round Town News

International mime slapstick Star Martin Kent is back on Europe doing what he does best – thrilling audiences with his unique and highly comical show Slipstick.
Every night the Buenos Aires born entertainer transforms himself to bring 25 characters to life in a hectic energy-sapping and non-stop performance at the famous Benidorm Café. 

... Martin, 44, christened his family show Slipstick because it features the over the top humour of slapstick and he gets to wear a lot of makeup, especially and most obviously, lipstick. 

“It is a mixture of mime, illusion, and comedy and it demands very quick changes to bring the audience all 18 characters in just over an hour,” he said. 
“All the characters are my own creations and the show is very very colourful.”
Part illusion and part tribute, Martin’s creations include a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a Freddy Mercury, Elvis, Tina Turner, Mona Lisa, and the Kent Sisters – a pastiche of the Andrews Sisters which, almost unbelievably, is the artist himself and two puppets. 

He told RTN he had been performing with his creations for the last 24 years and after 20 annual seasons in Benidorm – he splits the year between Spain and shows in Argentina – has deservedly won a huge following. 

“I have sparked many imitators around the world – which as they say is a form of flattery,” he added.
Martin began in the world of show business at the age of five. “Obviously my parents wanted me to do something different – to try being a technician working on aeroplanes – certainly nothing to do with the arts. 

“My family lived in Ibetha and I started performing on the island and started doing the mime and make-up. I love the circus and Marcel Marceau – they are big influences on my life,” he said.
“And when I see something I like I like to work with it and take it to the point it is completely over the top.” 

Currently Martin is working on a new character ‘X’ – based on his vision of the demon in the famed horror film The Exorcist. 

“We are working on creating the famous bed scene where the girl’s head turns right around. Characters take months to develop because you have to have the music and go for the tricks,” he said. 

“It starts as an idea, then I start to draw the character and then it comes to life. That’s my work and my craziness!” 

Martin has been away from Benidorm for a year and a half – travelling the world before six months playing in Buenos Aires theatre.
Slipstick is performed every night at the Benidorm Café at 9.30pm through until 30thSeptember, in itself a punishing schedule before taking into account the fast-paced show itself. After a brief week’s holiday, he begins his Argentinean theatre season. 

“It is quite hard work. The changes are made within 15 to 30 seconds and you have to be really fit,” said Martin. “You need another person to help with the costume changes – the changes are so fast we have to depend on team work. 

“But it is very much a family show – everyone enjoys it very much from the kids to the grandparents. It is non-stop action.” 

For more information and a glimpse of some of Martin’s outrageous creations, visit


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